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For Quranic web application for Indian languages, the QuranHub is an open source Quranic web application. For the purpose of browsing and researching, it is an open platform for Quran study tool. It helps in research and browsing on the various topics of Quran. Multiple add-ons can be enabled with it, that is different translation packs, themes, recitations and revelation packs which can be selected. For bringing forth highly verified Unicode Quran text, this project serves the purpose. It can be used in Quranic websites and applications. For producing a standard Unicode Quran text of reliability, for this standard text, that is our mission.

Provision for Listening to multiple reciters.

You can listen around 15 Reciter's reciting the holy Quran in different Style.

Different Authors in Quranic Tafseer or interpretations

The specific verses of the Holy Quran can be compared. Multiple languages in about 40 authors.

Word to word Quran Translation.

Around 50 translations can be found in Quran hub. The translations amounting to 10 in number are in Indian languages and two in Arabic.

Operating platform being multiple web based:

With easy compatibility with most devices and screen and operating systems this is web based application has this permeability.

Learn and memorize Quran Teacher.

Quick learning can be done and memorization of holy Quran by repetition of verse from ayah to ayah is possible.

Multiple Author Interpretation

Around 12 interpretations in which 6 interpretations are in Arabic, 3 interpretations being in Urdu language, in English being 3 in number and so on in other languages.

Search for specific Word in entire Quran hub.

A particular word from the holy Quran with translation can be searched in entirety.

User Friendly .

The application being user friendly can easily be looked for, learned and memorized the holy Quran


The browsing of the Quran can be done in various languages of which 10 are Indian and other Arabic languages.

Customize at user end.

The customization of the settings can be done by the user by keeping the default authors and options for zooming.

Multiple Fonts and Themes.

The fonts and themes can be modified by the user for the look and feel to the user interface.

Read more than a method.

The recitation of the Quran can be done by the user using the methods of Usthmani and Sample.